vendredi, juin 02, 2006

Well, 2 weeks and one day left until project is over. So i thought that before we head out for our retreat weekend, i should blog a bit about my thoughts/experiences as an intern (i'll save all the juicy evangelistic stories for another day). Of course, in the summer hardly anyone reads this....but i just want to jot some memories/thoughts down while i'm still here, and before the rose-coloured glasses of memory lane are put on.

i've really actually enjoyed my time as an intern--it started off as a bit of a lonely summer. All my best friends are far away, and there were few people to rant to when i needed to the most. But there have been other delights like spending time with some really wise and fun staff (even if andy doesn't play games). i realized that it was my own feelings of inadequacy that were keeping me from savouring time spent with such wise people, and learning from them. So once i stopped listening to whispers telling me i wasn't good enough, and letting my pride fuel my self-pity, i started to enjoy myself a lot more. The staff have been really great at making Julie and i FEEL like staff, and not as though we are less in any way--even though we are interns.

Its also been an amazing time discipling 3 girls, heading up the prayer ministry and co-coordinating the Thursday night coffeehouses. Its amazing being able to disciple girls who are SO keen!! In going sharing with them (some of them for their first times) its bizarre to think back to some of the first times i went sharing with a staff. I STILL use the analogies staff use, STILL say the same things and often find myself talking like my discipler Janette. So its a bit weird to think i can have the same impact on students here this summer--definitely very humbling!!
I'm also quite the socialite this year--always up for a party!!! This proves to be immensely fun!!

But perhaps the best thing about all of this is the solid amount of time i have for personal development (i.e. spending time with God and reading great books). When discipling, prepping for things, going out sharing are finished with for the day, i STILL have time to spend doing things i never get to do in the summer, like read and feast on great books by spiritual giants like Tozer and Spurgeon etc. What other summer job would permit this?

Its hard to believe that in 2 weeks, this will all be over. I'll go back to the life of a student, studying crazily every day (although i'm looking forward to having some rooftop barbecues)... but these past 4 weeks have really given me insight into what i'd like to do next year, and perhaps the next couple of years. Its also given me insight on where i'd like to go and people i'd like to work with.

i'm excited for the next two weeks and what God will do in my life, in the life of the girls i'm discipling and in the people of Montreal.

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Anonymous a dit...

People still read; you just don't write as often.

Anonymous a dit...

Hey hi~
glad to know there are so many great things in your experiences! May the LORD bless you work all the more~

steph a dit...

hello from belize!!!! so glad to hear that you enjoyed your internship..... i'm enjoying mine. *grin* can't wait to swap stories. and thank you so much for your contribution to the scrapbook! it was such a lovely surprise!!!!!