jeudi, août 27, 2009

birthday wish.

...that somehow, aban and shelly [edit: and maybe janeja, cause he's my thought twin] would end up on my doorstep for my birthday. kinda like santa claus or something. but i don't have a fireplace. and they have things called...wait for it... jobs.

reason #526.

because he would follow my suggestion and pay $20 for one piece of sushi. maybe partly to quench his guilt, but probably mostly to make me happy :)

samedi, août 22, 2009

on doubt.

"Let's say you're fairly confident that you have around 95% of your questions about God answered"; and I drew a bracket covering the diagram from 0 to 95. "Now, this professor is sowing seeds of doubt in the 5% area where you're more vulnerable. In your zeal to discover more truth about God--and because of your perfectionistic flesh patterns--you are setting your mind on the 5% you don't understand while virtually ignoring the 95% that you do understand. Your goal is noble: to increase your knowledge of God and His Word. But because you are not setting your mind on the truth which God has already taught you, your retention level is regressing from 95% to 90%, then to 88% and so on. The Deceiver's goal is to keep doing this to you until your faith becomes so weak that he can completely undermine your walk with Christ.
~ Dr. Bill Gillham

samedi, août 15, 2009

i scream, you scream...

tonight, i may have had the best ice cream i have had in a long while (if ever...).

oh my goodness.

72% dark chocolate goodness. The creaminess, the texture, the taste....


it was so ridiculously good, i had to blog about it...even though none of you probably care.

but for those of you who do..

Havre aux glaces. Atwater Market.

jeudi, août 13, 2009


Well... Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm super competitive. Tonight, we (SF&I) played monopoly with RH and AM until around 2:45am :) RH folded first... Then, after a long and painful death, so did AM. But the real battle started when it was just me and SF. In the end, he completely trounced me. COMPLETELY. I growled and pretended to be mad. But truthfully, there's something nice about knowing my boyfriend beat me at monopoly. Something comforting. Silly, I know. But maybe it's because I know he's someone I'd respect enough to follow.

-- Post From My iPhone

lundi, août 10, 2009


i am in love with balloons. i want to watch this film.

and apparently i can, on google video! woot!

mardi, août 04, 2009

a thing for lace :)

i think...lace is in. And if it isn't, i hearby declare it to be in! Very japanese ya know?

Anyways, since making the purse back in June, i've wanted to make another one...with a little bit more room and a thicker fabric on the bottom. i did with some scrap fabric i had lying around! My favourite part is the detail you can't see: the magenta thread used to sew the lace on, with a seafoam green thread on the reverse side.
Were i do do this again, I'd make the purse a bit more slim, but i like the length..and i put in a thick interfacing this time, so the bag feels a lot more sturdy :)

dimanche, août 02, 2009

lace! you are my new friend!

i had an old pair of jeans that were too short..

everyone cuts up their jeans and makes them into i decided to sew some lace on :)


samedi, août 01, 2009

i feel lost.

(and i got home and my bed wasn't made! the ocd in me says "grr!")