samedi, juillet 22, 2006

read this a couple of days ago, and found it an interesting read. even though its addressed to guys, i think it is highly applicable for women as well. single or in a relationship.


other fun times:
MSN with my good friend Warren G.
"i'm a certain type of person?"
"i just mean the stuff you like. that artsy nonsense and all"
"what constitutes artsy nonsense?"
"ballet, theatre and...nose rings....uhh i'm having a mental block right now"
"you've never even been to a ballet. you can't jest about it."
"i don't need to go to a public reading of poetry to know i wouldn't like it"


"you're my friend. you should want me to be happy. and so if a nose ring makes me happy, it should consequently make you happy too"
"that is dumb. if you got a tatoo on your face of king kong, i'd tell you it was dumb too...even if it made you happy."
"maybe i SHOULD get a tatoo of king kong on my face. maybe it would be artsy nonsense."
"no, king kong is not artsy."

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som a dit...

lol...ya down with women's suffrage for sure...amazing indeed.

loco a dit...

i HEART dat video!!!!

Warren G. a dit...