mardi, juillet 11, 2006

so i registered for my courses today.

had a crappy start time of 1pm and consequently was unable to get into physiology.

at that point, i audibly swore.

and then i laughed.

i haven't used profanity in my anger in a very long time. least audibly. (i used it in written form....back in march i think..)

i mean, who gets angry because they can't get into physiology--especially when its not a requirement...just an interest.

i am a geek.


in other news, i love it when you make a decision and you feel at peace about it. even if it means having to combat either scylla or charybdis.


warren and i have a bet. i am simply writing it here to document that it is indeed a bet. and mark my words. in january, i will be announced the winner. if you want to know what it is, you'll have to ask me personally.


oh, and i ordered personal cheques today. you know you're old when you have a visa AND have personal cheques AND have to worry about things like clogged sinks.

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Kirsten a dit...

Now that I have found out who Scylla and Charybdis are I understand you and agree!
And whatever the bet is, my money's on you!

Warren G. a dit...

Thanks for your faith in me kirsten...after those 6 weeks we spent together on oex you think you'd trust my judgment.
Better get ready to say goodbye to that money soon :P

Lydia a dit...

kirsten...who do you think is the more reliable one...

warren...or lydia?


i think the answer is obvious.

Jonathan a dit...

Even though I'm not Kirsten...

I say that would HIGHLY depend on what the bet ACTUALLY is :P

Lydia a dit... i know you?

shellieos a dit...

bets on lydders. sorry warren G.

monica a dit...

hmmm.... I've googled this scylla and charybdyis; and according to my findings you Lydia are in a state where one is between two dangers and moving away from one will cause you to be in danger from the other (a term that has come to represent the old Greek myth). Does it mean that you made a tough decision and had to tackle one thing or the other with no escape? I love Google.

Your bet involves waiting until January? Hmmm maybe you guys are raising turtles for a race in several months?

I first felt old when I got excited about 79 cent lettuce at Loeb in Montreal last summer; but I have yet to order my own personal cheques. And don't worry about getting angry choosing courses, it's always stressful!

Kirsten a dit...

Warren, you're one of a kind and I am very fond of you, but I still have to put my money on Lydia. I hope we can still be friends.

Lydia a dit...

haha monica..ever heard the term "stuck between a rock and a hard place"?

well thats a reference to scylla and yup... there was a hard decision i had to make...and either way..the results aren't pretty.

haha yay for google.

pri a dit...

hahaha. after hearing what the bet is about I'm going to have to put my money on gonslaves. Lydia my love you know I adore you ;) but I don't know if you can win this one lol.

Lydia a dit...

:O priyanka jain! where do your loyalties reside. pfft.

as if you place your money on warren.

Jess a dit...

Man Lydia I totally agree with you about the growing up thing. Clogged sinks are discusting... haha that reminds me of those couple of days in june when our kitchen smelled rotton. Grosss.

Also, about the bet.... i don't even know anything about this warren fellow, but I think my money is on him. Only because you always declare that your team will win, or your group is the best, which ALWAYS means that your team loses. always.

Lydia a dit...

what is this!!! all my good friends, deserting me??

oh well, i still have kirsten.

she has launched herself into the winning spot of lydia's soul today. (well, aside for the spot saved for Jesus..and a couple of other parentals)

loco a dit...

luv d use of greek mythology!!! hen hao! but i'm gonna place mah bet on warren on diz one... ur lyk a magnet for losing situations (jus referencing jess' comments!) so no bets on u. i still luv u tho' (in d non-tingly way of course) :D

Lydia a dit...



i'm not even mad.

loco a dit...

i'm d honest kind :D