dimanche, février 04, 2007

because she told me to.

This is what shelly made me do:
-grab the nearest book to me,
-turn to page 123,
-read 4 lines down
-record the next 3 lines
-tag 3 people

"High scorers on the Romantic Beliefs Scale tend to experience more love, satisfaction and commitment in their romantic relationships than low scorers do, but romanticism does not predict which relationships are likely to last over a four-year span (Sprecher & Metts, 1999)."

p. 123 Chapter 4: Social Cognition. Intimate Relationships. 4th ed. Miller, Perlman, Brehm

tangent. here's another line from the textbook which proves to be fairly interesting.

"..surveys of men at the University of Wisconsin and Texas A&M University found that, if they found a woman attractive, very few of them--only 3 percent-- would offer her a date if they had no idea what she would say in response (Muehlenhard and Miller, 1998). Almost all of the men reported that they would either bide their time and look for signs of reciprocal interest or simply give up and do nothing at all if they weren't confident, before they even asked, that a potential date would say yes."

Just to clarify, i'm not reading this because i'm obsessed with "intimate relationships" or because i'm flaky. This is my textbook for a psychology course.

i tag: andrew mckenzie, joshua robinson and jonathan park.
another brief aside: these are three great York boys. ladies, they're single!


in other news...

i love these boys.

today, we were rockstars. yesss!

we are the sunday breakfast sandwich crew.

the thing that unites us all...(other than Jesus)... AND one of the only reasons why i just can't become a vegetarian...

jeremiah just pointed out that i forgot to mention how we all got sick after eating those fat-laden suckers.

shoot. i just realized that we are totally asianeriffic in all of these pictures. silly fingers!

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monica a dit...

hey lydia

Wow... your textbooks sound umm much more interesting than mine! Hahaha.... there's a chapter on intimate relationships? Thanks for your comment on my blog previously; btw. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

monica a dit...

Is your title a play on words from the movie "Because I said so"?

alison a dit...


carmen a dit...

hey lyds!
how is it that after the first 7 words in that quotation, i was absolutely sure it was from some sort of social psych textbook..! :P

ok, random connection time. is the first picture ottawa-ocbc-jeremiah? is the third picture former-queen's-josh? is the commentator ottawa-rebecca's-sister-monica?

please ignore me if i make no sense. please say hi if i do! :)
i love people toooo...not always easy, or fun, but so, so worth it.

Lydia a dit...

hahahaha this is hilarious....

a) yep its jeremiah.

b) yup that's queen's josh

c) yup thats her sister.


Le fils d'Homme a dit...

Those sangwiches look filthy.

Lydia a dit...

hey man!!!!! don't judge my food because you are the weak person who eats only vegetables. hahaha. just kidding.

umm..yeah, they are pretty filthy. its not a great thing to go into Sunday morning worship feeling like you have to hurl or drop your kids off a the pool...but they're SO delicious. filthy, yes. but concurrently delicious. so which one does one choose? Scylla or Charybdis?

loco a dit...

i wish i was tagged...

steph a dit...

ooh i loove that tag! ingenious!! i will have to steal that idea for shards...... although i can't do it now since there are no books to speak of in my cubicle. :)

haha..... that IS an interesting textbook! if my textbooks were remotely as interesting as this one sounds, i think i would've read them more. *grin* the fact that it was a textbook became quite apparent after the term "Romantic Beliefs Scale".... leave it to the academics to name EVERYTHING. Heh.