jeudi, novembre 20, 2008


Tonight, Kim Phuc came to speak as our large outreach on campus. i'll blog about that later. i just want to follow up yesterday's post with a continued realization of what it actually means.

Last year, we did an event where we invited Paul Henderson to come speak. Don't worry, if you don't know who Paul Henderson is, i didn't either. The year he won the 1972 Summit series was the same year the picture of Kim Phuc was taken.

Maybe 75 people came out to hear Paul Henderson. More than 600 people came out to hear Kim Phuc.

You see, death brings life. Maybe the saying is true. In the economy of God, more pain may mean more gain. 36 years later, because of the horrible pain that was inflicted on Kim, people still remember her, and she continues to have a HUGE worldwide impact. And tonight, it was evident. She has suffered greatly, but imagine....600 people in a room, having a chance to hear about life. THE Life. That's amazing.

So maybe, this is encouraging for me. My affliction is nowhere close to what Kim had to endure. But maybe, the small affliction that i face (which on many occasions seems too large for me to handle) will bring life, somewhere else.

THAT is exciting.

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