lundi, mars 23, 2009

on cell phones and buses.

i get to the airport last evening, and in big block letters: "JL 710 flight is CANCELLED."

My cousin, who brought me to the airport asks, "Is that your flight?" and i wave my hand dismissively, saying, "Nah, that's not my flight..." until i looked at my eticket, and realized it was indeed my flight.

So eventually, i hop on a different flight and make it to Japan. In Japan, i have to take a bus to terminal 2, so i head towards that area, and see people lounging around. When does the bus come, i ask.

"In one hour," they reply.
"One hour??"

i sit down, and pull out my cell phone, and apparently, cell phones don't get service here; at least not the cell phones that the rest of the globe uses, because Japan is too high tech for the rest of us.

i don't get it. Every other airport in the world has a bus or a train that shuttles between terminals at least every 15 minutes. This one has bus service every hour. !!! . So their bus service runs like it's the stone ages, but their cell phone service is so advanced that the majority of people from the 21st century can't even use the service.


[update: so my flight might not run today...because of the plane crash. Which means i'll also miss my flight from NY to Monts. haha. We'll see what happens.]

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Anonyme a dit...

What in the world are you doing in Japan?

And your cell phone doesn't work in Japan? As in, my iPhone wouldn't work in Japan? Our iPhones are 3G, so I'm guessing if it doesn't work it's because Japan operates on a different frequency band. But its cell phone communication protocols should be at the same level of "advancement", cause I think 3G (UTMS/HSPA or whatever they're called) is the latest.

Beth a dit...

yeah, what he said: you're in japan!?!? at first i thought this was a dream. but maybe you really are there?

Lydia a dit...

haha i was in singapore for my cousin's wedding/family reunion and then my flight back had a very brief stopover in tokyo..

Anonyme a dit...

Hahahaha, very brief indeed.