samedi, juillet 15, 2006

links in the menu updated.

exciting adventures in lydialand.

- melancholy day. multiple reasons. went to bed with a heavy heart and woke up with one. but, i'm going to preach the gospel to myself and believe it.

- today i bought kale for the first time in my life. (yes, joshua robinson, you have converted me into a follower of this so called spinach-kale-fruit juice).

i was happy to learn that organic kale is the same price as regular kale.
this is pretty much sweet since i try to stick with organic produce.

- i'm addicted to this one song by the chemical brothers (block rockin' beats)...and i don't even know why.

- oh, i'm also loving Stars and Arcade Fire. yummilicious. YEEEAH to amaazing montreal bands!!

- i got yelled at in the bus yesterday by this man sitting across from me...AFTER i got up for an elderly woman. this is the story: i asked her if she wanted my seat, got up..and he yells "OF COURSE SHE WOULD" in a sarcastic voice. THEN when i asked if we had passed Jane, he tells me..OVER AND OVER again, that i'm on the Weston bus and that it doesn't go to Jane. I take a seat that becomes available..but five minutes later a woman and her two toddlers got on the bus, so i offered her my seat...and the man gives me this EVIL eye!!!

good thing there was a nice older woman who told me i was kind, and then informed me that i WAS indeed on the RIGHT bus.


- watched 4 episodes of 24 yesterday night...made me want to do something really clandestine. there was this hot girl who schooled everyone except Jack Bauer...AND even when she got socked in the face, she still looked hot. i'm jealous. she makes me want to be tall, have good hair and crazy eye makeup. unfortunately, i think i stopped growing when i was in grade 8, and i've been 5'3 for as long as i can remember. as for the hair...its coming back. everytime i see uncle ricky in montreal, i feel like slashing his tires (okay, not really..but i needed some sort of dramatic action)...but now that my hair has grown out, i'm feeling like i can forgive him. seventy times seven.

- Starfield's sophomore album is amazingly grand. great lyrics, great can't get much better. definitely not a disappointing sophomore album.

- what's this about Smashing Pumpkins being back together? And writing songs for another album? i guess i'm behind the times.
hearing about this brings me back to the days when i used to love love love the pumpkins and billy corgan. hmm. i haven't listened to them in a very very long time.

- montreal project women...i miss you! or i guess just wynja ninja...because you're the only one who reads this. ha.

- there are a lot of things i want to say...but the words are stuck in my throat. So, this boring update that you wasted 2 minutes of your life on will have to suffice for the day.

i'll leave you with this:

The city of Los Angeles once named a street after Jack Bauer in gratitude for his saving the city several times. They had to rename it after people kept dying when they tried to cross the street. No one crosses Jack Bauer and lives.

8 commentaires:

aban a dit...

I think a pirate could keep you safe. I really like pirates, and wanted to be one when i was younger. (: Do you like pirates?

Yay to kale, well, yay to spiniach. I've never tried kale.

Crazy bus drivers...they're crazy i tells ya!

aban a dit...

Ooh Ooh! If you keep up with the kale, you could be like Popeye the sailor man (almost a pirate) and then you'd be like ... uberly strong. Hiya!!

Lydia a dit...

i don't think i like pirates.

i mean..WHY do they wear eyepatches? is it because they think its cool? because its not. they're causing one eye to do all the work.

hey did you know, if you cover up one eye from the time you're end up being blind in one eye? is true. because your neurons don't form the neural connections necessary.

so..does that mean pirates are blind in one eye? if means they'll have a hard time seeing dimensions...

which means sword fighting and protecting lydia would be really difficult.

and haha i don't think i want to look like popeye. i mean, have you seen women bodybuilders? its a bit freaky.

this is like a female popeye--

she looks freaky.

loco a dit...

yes, she does look freaky... DEGEU!!!

aban a dit...

Ugh. She looks like a creepo! Okay, you are no longer allowed to become like Popeye.

Not all pirates wear favourite pirate is Captain Blackbeard (from the movie Blackbeards ghost) If i were a pirate i think i'd be able to protect people. Afterall, i have my brown belt in taekwondo. PLUS i wouldn't have an eyepatch. I like my vision too much to cover one eye up.

amac a dit...

when the plumber comes, prop your door open... that should save Jack Bauer some time when he comes to save you.

and what episode on season four? i'm like half way through and haven't seen any crazy fighting chicks

Lydia a dit...

aban: i haven't seen the movie you speak it any good?

amac: i dunno JR and i watched the last 4 episodes of season 4.

you'll see her soon.

Jonathan a dit...

Pirates wear eyepatches usually because one eye has already been stabbed out in a fight or something and they don't want to gross everyone out/let their eye socket get infected by exposing it to open weather.

Just for your information :P

And hot girls getting schooled is kind of funny :P