lundi, février 12, 2007

oh the irony...

how does one get to a walk-in clinic when she cannot walk?

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jess wynja a dit...

friends with cars!! male friends with cars who will piggy-back you into the clinic, that's how. Get better, lyds!

p.s. I can't remember her name, but someone was at our Friday night meeting and was like "I think I know you from Facebook. No wait! From lydia's blog!" you're making me a star! haha jokes. i heart you tho. you should stop being so old and broken

aban a dit...

how did you break yourself?
what happened?!

i'm almost recoverd from the flu and bronchitis SO i can piggy back you.
chooose meeeee

Warren G. a dit...

they have doctors who make house visits eh? if you're really that bad you might want to give them a call