vendredi, février 09, 2007

i heart new music.

Okay, so admittedly, i am a music snob. Let it be known, i know good music. i am also very indie loving, namely, because i try to be individualistic, which really just makes me like every other person on the face of this earth. While i listen to all sorts of music, it takes something special to make my eyes light up.

Having said this, i have discovered a wonderful musician, who brings warmth to my heart, and goosebumps to my skin. She may not be new to you, but she's new to me. She's like an abstract Jipa and is a Christian. But don't go into this looking for "Christian music", because there's no such thing. Go into this looking for art, and i hope you'll be as pleased as i am.

Her latest album is out digitally on iTunes, and will be on store shelves March 13th. Now, what vaults this record into beauty of astronomical proportions is that it was done in collaboration with Sufjan Stevens, whose music is also glorious.

This is one of those records that i would line up outside to get.


3 commentaires:

travis a dit...

Not only did she collab w/ Sufjan, but with Denison Witmer too. that = 2 thumbs up

Lydia a dit...

oh yes! you are SOO right.

even lovelier!!!

alison a dit...

i love rosie thomas. she also lied to pitchfork saying that she was going to have a baby with sufjan. they bought it, and posted a week of news posts about it. it was amaaazingly funny!

you should check out "when we were small" - it's a beautiful album! especially the first track, "two dollar shoes"