jeudi, novembre 08, 2007

Random thoughts while I wait for my bagel to toast.

  • One of the things that drew me to my church in Toronto was that I could have a stalled car in the parking lot, not belong to the church at all, and someone would still come out and help me. They're just that friendly. Coming to Montreal, I prayed that I would find a church where people would be caring enough to help a stranger. Last night, two people I had met just hours before, came to my house to help me assemble my bookshelf even though it was already 10pm and dark out.
  • Yesterday, I started unpacking. I set up my bookshelf, set up my bed (finally!), and took some of my clothing out of their boxes. For the past week and a half, I've been really tired, in part because of huge changes, but also because of the huge disorganization in my house. A disorganized house, for me, is unsettling. This morning is the first morning I've woken up not feeling as though a truck had run over me. My room is far from unpacked, but even just getting the major things up and tidied is such a huge relief! I feel energized! A neat and tidy home is a happy home!
  • Yesterday I had da been lo (Chinese Hot Pot). Miam miam!
  • Last Tuesday, when I was on campus at UdeM I was petrified of approaching people with my horrible anglo french. But this week, I was reminded that I'm in a war, and that in a war, you get muddy and you gotta stop caring about how your hair looks. I'm a hugely prideful person, and I hate being humbled. Speaking French is humbling. It is a reminder of how inadequate I am. But, I took a faith step, and approached some people (with a Francophone right by my side, mind you) and loved it! I have a feeling that I'm going to come out of every Tuesday being fried...but I'm excited. Wars are devastating...but kinda exciting too. Especially when you know that in the end, the War has already been won.
  • Today is my dear friend Aban's birthday. She is the cutest girl ever, and I miss her muchly.
  • I organized the books on my bookshelf by colour. It is very rainbowesque.
Time to jet. Gotta do some final prep for my discipleship group today and then head out the door!

3 commentaires:

Jelena a dit...

Anglo french, huh?

I like your anglo french. What have you got to say about that?

monica a dit...

My wardrobe is colour coded...hahaha... my books are categorized by subject, however.

Jesskah a dit...

like that? like how you got three Mtl-ers posting?
um, I like your third-to-last bullet. It's true that really not that much matters in times of war. Staying alive and protecting your comrades are pretty much top-priority....then maybe taking ground could come next but um...the grammar of this comment is horrible. I am done.