dimanche, novembre 18, 2007

thoughts in my head.

for how long?

there are so many thoughts, going round and round.
this isn't easy. but it's not hard. at least, not in the way i imagined it would be.
it's not what i thought it would be like.

i feel unchallenged, but at the same time unmotivated. ineffective. no one's fault but my own.
i wonder a lot, but feel trapped. stupid. when i voice my thoughts.

i'm bored. i feel like i should be really excited. like i should power through the day, grateful to BE.

but now that i am in such a place, i wonder...is this all there is?

there are great things. people. place. time. but the restlessness continues, and i don't even know what i am yearning for.

a picture of a man falling 60 feet, dying, and not knowing Jesus continues to haunt me. a man i did not know. i cry for him sometimes.

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