mercredi, novembre 12, 2008

da dum da dum!

It sounds so lame, but i confess. i have been thinking about weddings nonstop lately. It started in the summertime. In July, to be exact. Prior to this, i had only ever been to one wedding and so weddings weren't exactly high priority on my thought-list. But then, one marvelous day in July, two of my lovely friends asked me to design their wedding invites (and consequently, at a later date, their programs). Design their wedding invites? Oh my little heart skipped a beat. The pressure! For a split second in my mind, i considered saying no. No no no no no, i have no experience in wedding things! But their sweet faces looked at me, waiting for an answer, and the thought of choosing colours and fonts... well! That was just too wonderful to pass up!

And that was the day i started thinking about weddings.

Then came their wedding. The invitations had been sent out, the programs were done, and i cradled one of them in my hands like a mother, seeing her newborn baby (up until the wedding, i had not seen a print version of the programs, only digital) and it felt so right. Everything else about their wedding enthralled me. Candles, fabrics, flowers, bows, elements, dresses, fonts...and oh, the colours colours colours!

Last week, by a stroke of good fortune on my end of things, another friend of mine asked, would i mind being the photographer for her wedding? Oh, the same heart skip happened, but what a chance! And so again, i've been thinking about weddings. Maniacally perusing like a ravenous man eating friend chicken through wedding photography websites. December 13th will be a fun-filled day. i already have some shots in my head, floating around, itching to be burned into pixels.

Of course, all of this has caused me to think about my own wedding, someday. Maybe. I'm not so much thinking about it all the time in terms of the husband (although that would be nice!), but really, because, HELLO. What a designers dream come true. To design the invites, the programs, choose the tablecloths, dresses, theme, colour colour and more colour, flowers, fonts...
Perhaps i haven't been to enough weddings to become jaded. And it is true, i have never planned a wedding, so maybe when it comes to mine, i'll hate it.

Ahh all these ideas in my mind. A wedding is just an excuse to put all of these ideas down concretely!

Da dum da dum!

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Anonyme a dit...

Wow, wedding photographer?! Good luck to you! (I hope it's not a stressful experience :) )

And as I was reading the first 3/4'rs of this post, I wanted to leave this comment:

"You do know that weddings involve a bride and groom too, right?"

Fellow font admirer a dit...

I love it that you get excited about choosing fonts. Marry me, please! Note: that was an explanation not a question. ;)

Anonyme a dit...


One day... I would love to have you design my invitations, programs... colours...etc for such a wedding. Hopefully, by the time I get married, you are still into wedding fun. I guess I need to find a man before you get booked up, or you start charging prices I can't afford :)


PS- My best friend *just got engaged, do you want me to pass along your designs... maybe she would want your talent?

Fellow font admirer a dit...

explanation = exclamation. Oops!

Lydia a dit...

haha fellow font admirer? who are you?

It's My DLu! a dit...

and lyds we're so excited to have you as our photographer!!! (i know i already told you but i love your photos).

crazy that you plan ahead of time :) i like that!

Fellow font admirer a dit...

I have a tall cap height with a strong main stroke. My bowl is medium sized, as are my ears, but my legs are long and my terminals rounded. I'm elegant not brash, able to fit into most occasions.

Lydia a dit...

uhh...i dont know if that's a riddle so that if i solve it i'd have a name..

but this is kinda weird..