mercredi, juin 21, 2006

well...i'm in new york.

i've seen...

- the statue of liberty (its rather fat upclose...)
- ellis island
- washington memorial park
- greenwich village
- central park
- ground zero

But i haven't seen...

- a gospel presentation.

Seeing as i'm staying in a hostel with a friend, and we share a room with 6 other people, i think its a perfect opportunity to get into some spiritual conversations with the girls in our room. Pray that i would take the initiative and the opportunity!!

okay, off i go! today....the UN!!!--the best part of the trip!!

5 commentaires:

Jevy a dit...

If you're there on Sunday, I would 100% recommend Times Square Church. I fell in love.

som a dit...

take obscene amounts of pictures

som a dit...

if it was possible in NA I would have stalked you too...blogstalked that is

alison a dit...

ooh, the UN is a seriously cool tour.

loco a dit...

maybe u can overhear an attempt to assassinate a world leader and u can be the... oh wait, that's the interpreter. :P have fun!!! bring meeh a keychain... or better yet, a young beautiful Christian woman at the Times Square Church. hahaha. :P